Catch Up With Taylor Leddin

Much like my brain, Catching Up With Taylor is a collection of oddities, ranging from film to travel to the creative nonsense I like to challenge myself to.

Hello! Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Taylor Leddin and I am a writer from Chicago. Since the beginning of (my) time, I have been a huge fan of all things film and television. My dream as a child was to work at a Blockbuster Video. Being that their doors closed prior to my turning an age legal for work, I had to come up with a Plan B. After finishing high school, I opted to stay home for my first two years of college. During this time, I worked as a background actor for various films, television shows and commercials filmed in Chicago. I also took a variety of acting classes and learning the ins and outs of professional acting. However, I did not receive the “bug” many actors have often described feeling when beginning their career. I found that my “bug” was with writing. Since graduating from Illinois State University, I have been freelance writing for a variety of websites and publications and have been working hard on expanding my portfolio. One day, I hope to write for film and television. But for now, I am enjoying learning about the different facets of writing and love taking on new projects. For more information, feel free to email me at