My Ode to Film and Television

The world of film and television is something that I have adored since before I can remember. During my childhood, I would spend hours in the video store and would watch my favorite movies over and over until I knew every line (if there is ever a career that involves quoting Grease in its entirety, I have the potential to be a very rich woman). After school, I could always be found watching TV shows or movies and I loved learning about the behind-the-scenes details.

That love of learning continues to this day as I always read IMDB trivia after watching a movie for the first time. My favorite form of film/television learning was found in the form of Los Angeles studio tours, where I have been able to see sets and props from some of my favorite movies and shows. All of this appreciation and knowledge is what has led me to creating a blog based on film and television. Writing about something I love never feels like a chore and I’ve gotten to learn some new tidbits of entertainment info along the way.

Posing with “Alfred Hitchcock” at the Hollywood Wax Museum.
My sister and I on the set of “Friends”.

4 thoughts on “My Ode to Film and Television

  1. Great blog post and video! I love your work. I am also an avid fan of all things film and TV, so I really appreciate and understand the inspiration behind your blog. You are obviously very passionate about the topic and it shows through.

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