Catching Up With Cinema: 100 Movies in 365 Days


Last year, I challenged myself to watch 50 new (to me) movies within a year’s timespan. I was honestly surprised at the fact that I accomplished this goal, seeing as I have a tendency to re-watch the same things over and over. So, I figured if I could do 50, why not up the ante and try for 100 in the following 365?

This challenge began with the first movie I watched after wrapping up the 50 list. The new list started on November 13, 2017 and flick number 1 out of 100 was Daddy’s Home 2. The 100th film was The Lion King, which I’ve been getting scolded about for years for having not seen the whole thing. After setting the goal to watch this massive amount of films, I soon became a local at Frankfort Public Library, as you can rent a multitude of movies for free. Somehow, I was able to knock out the 100 by April 9, 2018 – less than five months after my start date. (And, to answer your question – yes, I have left my house).

While I didn’t love every single one, some of the standouts of greatness include: Rosemary’s Baby, All the President’s Men, Get Out, Kill Bill (Vol. 1 & 2), and Room. The ones I wasn’t so crazy about include: The 15:17 to Paris, 54, and The Paperboy.

What’s the next movie goal, you ask? To watch all of John Travolta’s movies. I’ve knocked out 28 over the course of my life (some of them included below) and have quite a few more to go.

Now, without further ado, here are the 100 movies watched in 147 days:




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