A True National Lampoon’s European Vacation

Since graduating college, I’ve been carrying around a morsel of regret for not taking advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. As I became ingratiated in intercultural communication during my senior year (where we often discussed the differences between the US and other cultures, particularly European cultures,) I promised myself that if the opportunity presented … More A True National Lampoon’s European Vacation

Chicago Bar Project

Recently, I received the opportunity to begin writing reviews for the Chicago Bar Project. Basically what this entails is that I go to different bars in the Chicagoland area, try their elixirs and give my opinion about the experience. My first review was on one of my happiest places on earth: Ceres. I have a … More Chicago Bar Project

Review: “Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding” is a blast

As a fan of theater, improv, and weddings, I was elated to have an all-in-one experience while attending Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding on Saturday night. I’ve heard tell of this show over the years and knew that it was an immersive/interactive play about a young couple getting married and the crazy family and friends that are part … More Review: “Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding” is a blast